Indicator Downhole Data Logger

Minature smart indicator.

RECON™ LT1™ downhole indicator: making your operations more efficient

The RECON LT1 is a tiny indicator that can measure the use of equipment for preventative maintenance schedules.

The patent-pending LT1 Indicator, is rugged and reliably measures the drilling environment, reports operating hours and provides a visual indication through a transparent sight glass based on pre-set parameters.

The RECON LT1 is small enough to fit almost anywhere in your existing downhole equipment and will reliably report on operating hours and can show you when a tool needs service.

Small & Smart.

  • Retrofit-able in existing tools
  • Keeps track of usage hours for up to 30 runs
  • Battery Life: >365 days (may vary with configuration)

Intelligence Spectrum.

  • 3-axis acceleration ±16g
  • Temperature -40°C to 125°C

Intuitive Reporting with Gateway.

  • Visual indicator with presetable service requirements
  • Operational hours

The solution for asset tracking

  • In-tool environmental data collection for tracking usage on equipment.
  • Visual indicator to show when a tool needs to be serviced.
  • Logging for preventive maintenance of equipment used in harsh environment.
  • Data collection late-stage field trials of tools during research and development when usage hours are needed for validation

Reliable Downhole Drilling Software

All RECON come with their own tool configuration and instant report generation software.

Gateway™ Drilling Software

Gateway is your portal to configure and manage the collected data from all RECON devices.

Artemis™ Data Software

Artemis is your window into data analysis and visualization.

Recon Downhole Data Loggers


The RECON MK1 is a miniature high-density data logging tool that captures high-resolution data to provide the most accurate picture of the drilling environment.


The RECON TR1 is a tiny logging tool that captures statistical and burst environmental data to provide a high quality overview of the drilling environment.


The RECON LT1 is a tiny indicator that can measure the use of equipment for preventative maintenance schedules.


The RECON CB1 measures all the high-density parameters of the MK1 and, because it is collar-based, it also records force, torque and pressure.