Downhole logging presents a host of challenges which stem from the simple fact that all the action is happening deep below the surface in a brutal and harsh environment. Acquiring accurate and useful data out of such depths is not an easy task.

That’s where RECON comes in. We design, develop, and manufacture our RECON family of downhole logging products and software, offering an elegant yet simple solution that provides accurate data, records equipment usage time, and validates the performance of new technology.

Our multidisciplinary team approaches a challenge from many perspectives. We innovate, develop, and manufacture new ideas to fix difficult problems. This is why we created the RECON™ MK1™, an innovative approach to a cost-effective, compact, harsh-environment, electronic data logging system.

Market pain is especially apparent where high-frequency data logging rates are required in high-temperature and high-vibration environments. With our RECON MK1 solution, you can make on-the- fly decisions by having access to instant and automatic report generation on the rig site. The efficiency our holistic package provides is unparalleled. Where before, many downhole projects were stumbling in the dark, now, you can take preventative measures toward equipment failure, working with timely data and reports. RECON™ MK1™ ultimately provides operating efficiencies when working in harsh environments.

At RECON™, our primary focus and passion is product development; however, it’s not enough to develop a new product that thoughtfully addresses a business problem. Everything we do is executed with attention to the finest of detail. Our documentation, workflow, and client communication leave no room for misunderstanding or error.

We pride ourselves in providing solutions by intersecting creative thinking, intelligence, and technology.


Make better decisions, fast. With the RECON™MK1™ Logger you get near-bit high-fidelity environmental data collection, and more importantly, increased efficiency on subsequent operations and drilling optimizations without affecting BHA design. 


The RECON™TR1™ Logger is the best kept secret in the world of equipment use tracking. Designed with the equipment rental industry in mind, the TR1 gives you the data you need to accurately charge each customer for the time used, and more importantly, for any damage caused to your high-performance equipment.


RECON™LT1™ is the solution for asset tracking. Designed with in-tool environmental data collection for tracking usage on equipment, you can see when a tool needs to be serviced via visual indicator. Logging for preventative maintenance of equipment used in the harshest of environments has never been this easy.


Increase your intelligence spectrum. The RECON™CB1™ is a collar-based high-density data logging tool that captures high-resolution data to provide the most accurate picture of the drilling environment to allow you to zoom in and see everything, including torque, weight-on-bit, and internal and external pressure.


All RECON devices come with their own tool configuration and instant report generation software.

Recon Software

Gateway™ Drilling Software

Gateway is your portal to configure and manage the collected data from all RECON devices.

Artemis™ Data Software

Artemis is your final destination for data analysis both for RECON devices or from external sources.