Our downhole loggers let you know how your drilling is down there so that you can make better decisions up here.


The RECON family of tools are an innovative approach to cost-effective, harsh-environment, electronic logging systems. These robust tools, combined with our analytical and automated report generation software and algorithms, are designed to meet all your data acquisition needs for drilling dynamics.

The RECON downhole data logging devices will:

evaluate downhole equipment.

Using high-resolution environmental data, you can objectively and quantitatively validate the performance of downhole equipment. Whether you are improving the design of your downhole tool, comparing technologies for use in your operation, or evaluating BHA designs, the information allows you to make high-quality informed decisions.

optimize your drilling operation.

Knowing and understanding how operational decisions on the surface effect the dynamics of the drilling operation near the bit allow you to hone your working procedures to achieve optimal drilling efficiency.

compare anything with anything.

The data gathered from the Recon can be compared directly with any other data using our software. This allows you to deep dive into any data correlations with data collected from any other equipment: surface data, other downhole tool data, formation data, etc. The depths in which you can analyze the data is essentially unfathomable.

The solution for BHA monitoring

  • At-bit environmental data collection for increasing efficiency on subsequent operations and drilling optimization without affecting the bottom hole assembly (BHA) design.
  • Logging for preventive maintenance of equipment used in harsh environment.
  • Data collection for field trials of tools during research and development when high frequency environmental data is not available from the R&D tool.

how are RECON downhole loggers different?

its bigger on the inside.

  • Smallest in size
  • Highest in storage capacity
  • Plenty of battery life

sprints the marathon.

  • Fastest in acquisition and recording
  • Longest lasting

it all works together.

  • Innovative system approach
  • Intuitive software for all RECON devices
  • Extensible to all forms of data

Reliable Downhole Drilling Software

All RECON devices come with their own tool configuration and instant report generation software.

Gateway™ Drilling Software

Gateway is your portal to configure and manage the collected data from all RECON devices. Gateway provides the tools to set up the logging parameters, sleep/wake cycles and data collection density prior to the run; and download, process and preview data after the run has been completed. It can also generate instant summary data PDF reports for quick validation.

Artemis™ Data Software

Artemis is your final destination for data analysis. It features seamless real-time viewing capability for virtually any data size, along with advanced analysis tools and custom report generation for comparing and interpreting data, both from RECON devices or from external sources.

Recon Downhole Data Loggers


The RECON MK1 is a miniature high-density data logging tool that captures high-resolution data to provide the most accurate picture of the drilling environment to allow you to zoom in and see everything. You can use this for environmental measurements, support information for equipment research and development activities and optimization of your drilling procedures and practises.


The RECON TR1 is a tiny logging tool that captures statistical and burst environmental data to provide a high quality overview of the drilling environment, including advanced metrics involving stick-slip detection and High Frequency Torsional Oscillations (HFTO). You can use this for environmental measurements, performance metrics and for preventative maintenance.


The RECON LT1 is a tiny indicator that can measure the use of equipment for preventative maintenance schedules, and to indicate via a flashing LED whether a predetermined threshold is met to trigger maintenance service. It is economy priced, has years worth of battery life and you can use it to ensure your equipment is kept in good working order.


The RECON CB1 is the most advanced logging tool in the RECON family, as it measures all the high-density parameters of the MK1, and, because it is collar-based, you can also measure force, torque and pressure. You can use this to get a complete picture of the downhole environment and drilling operation, including verifying weight and torque transfer, mud motor performance, and pressure losses.

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